Our annual tradition continues! The annual Regatta is a wonderful occasion to meet new neighbours and catch up with old friends.

The 2019 annual summer Regatta was held on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at Camping McGregor (19, chemin des Bourgeons, Val-des-Monts, in the ‘la Bourgade’ area, of McGregor Lake). Participants showed off their potato-in-a-spoon running skills, their tug-of-waring abilities, their water-balloon-throwing acumen, and their swimming and running abilities. Ribbons and medals were awarded to competitors. There were also yummy refreshments (wine, beer, water, lemonade and BBQ hot dogs) served.

We are always looking for volunteers. So if you, or your teenager, would like to get involved in our annual summer regattas get in touch via lacmcgregorlake@gmail.com. Thanks!

As you can see in the photos below, we all had a lot of fun!


Memories from past regattas.


A big thank you to all our 2019 volunteers who ensured the success of our annual celebration, including:
– Deena Ryan (Regatta organizer) and Francesca Ryan & Timothy Kline  (Game announcers)
– Ted Ryan &  Marie-Josée Claveau (beverages) and Christina & Trevor Nightingale (BBQ)
– Deborah Morrison (sale of Association merchandise)
– Peter Barton (swimming races, equipment, ribbons, medals)
– Jennifer Garland (Association Membership) and Sue Featherstone (Eurasian Milfoil info table)
– MJ Lafleur (Photographer)

And our lifeguard, Dana Dusevic.



A big thank you to all our 2018 volunteers, including:
– Francesca Ryan and Timmy Kline – Game announcers
– Deena Ryan, Ted Ryan, Trevor Nightingale, Marie-Josée Claveau, and families (food, BBQ, beverages)
– Deborah Morrison – sale of Association merchandise, and sugary snacks for the kids
– Peter Barton, Liz Logue and Miranda Baniulis – equipment (BBQ, games, water balloons, etc.), ribbons, medals
– Jennifer Garland and Mary Carman – Association Membership
– MJ Lafleur – Photographer

And our lifeguard, Sophie.