The McGregor Lake Association acts on behalf of the residents of McGregor Lake.

We are active on issues such as:

– Environmental concerns
– Water quality
– Blue green algae
– Septic tank regulations
– Wake boat shore damage
– Building and development on the Lake
– Phosphates in the water

We lobby on your behalf by:

– Meeting with the Mayor of VDM to identify your Lake related concerns
– Board member of Federation of Lakes of VDM for a voice at the municipality
– Providing support for Pelissier Beach boat ramp permit system and monitoring

We organize events such as:

– Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
– Loon watch
– Annual McGregor Lake Regatta
– Periodic Water testing
– Placement of some shoal markers on lake

We provide information on matters of interest to our members, such as:

– Boating Regulations
– Lake related news from the Municipality
– Septic regulations and hints

For the current list of Board Members of the McGregor Lake Association, click here.

The 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes of the McGregor Lake Association are here. The 2017 AGM Minutes are here.

You can click on these links to read the Association’s 2013 Bylaws (English only) and the Articles of Continuance (English only).

For other documents related to the Association, please consult the Main Menu below.