~ Boat Launch ~

You can use the public Pélissier ramp from May until October to put your boat in the water and take it out, for the summer cottaging season or for a day excursion.

A reminder that the ramp is open daily during the following hours:
– From 6am to 8pm (May -date TBC annually until June 23)
– From 6am to 9pm (June 24 until Labour Day)
– From 7am to 7pm (Labour Day until September 30)
– From 7am to 5pm (October 1 until October 14)
– From 9am to 5pm – Saturdays & Sundays only (October 15 until October 31)
Click here for a useful bilingual Safe-Boating Guide (which includes details on the fees), and here for the regulations related to the Public-access Ramp at Pélissier beach on McGregor Lake (available in French only).

Fees for Residents and Tax payers:

– Non-motorized boats: FREE
– Motorized boats: Fee ranges from $5 to $60 for the season (based on motor power/size)

Fees for Non-Residents:

– Non-motorized boats: FREE
– Motorized boats: Fee ranges from $10 to $120 per day (based on motor power/size)


**To get a sense of the Usage of the Boat Ramp prior to the new 2015 Boat Ramp fees, here’s some data collected in 2013._________________________________________________________

Watch your Wake!

Where and how you operate your boat can help McGregor Lake residents and visitors preserve the shoreline and improve safety for everyone.

Boating can be enjoyed, and wakes controlled, by operating your boat in a flat position.

Flat means bow down!

Image result for icons of flat motor boat

Operating your boat at slow, almost idle speed, is a great way to cruise and enjoy the beauty of the lake in a natural flat-boat position;

– The channel between Mud Bay and McGregor Lake is an environmental sensitive area where boat speed is restricted to idle-speed only;

When operating your boat at faster speeds, use your engine to get your boat into a flat, or plane, position as rapidly as is safe then maintain this flat position;

Boats designed or driven to produce large wakes should avoid operating their boats in wake-producing mode in channels and narrower areas of the lake as these wakes destroy the shoreline, damage docks and moored boats, and have the potential in these smaller areas to create unsafe boating and swimming conditions.

Be smart, be courteous, and enjoy the lake, but…

Watch your wake!

(Sponsored by the MLA)


Safe-Boating Guide and Licensing

The Municipality of Val-des-Monts has published a Safe-Boating Guide (EN) & (FR).

Here are some links related to Pleasure-Crafts, including information on how to obtain your Pleasure-craft Operator Card.

-Pleasure-craft licensing (EN) & (FR)

-Proof of competency for recreational boaters (EN) & (FR)

-Pleasure-craft Operator Card FAQ (EN) & (FR)