Announcements & Dates of Events for 2022

Annual General AssemblyTo be announced
Location: To be confirmed.

Documents for meeting: TBD.

2021 AGM Documents.
Boat Launch

22 April 2022Consult details on dates, fees & boating safety information on the Municipality’s website and our Boating page.
Annual Regatta
To be announcedSee photos of past regattas.
Loon WatchTo be announced
If you’d like to participate in the annual Loon Count
send an email to

Check out results of past Loon Watches here.

Water Testing
To be announcedResults of past water quality tests are available on
our Water Quality page.

Christmas Bird Count

2021 Christmas Bird Count held
January 2, 2022.

Check out the results of the 2021 Christmas Bird
Count on our  Christmas Bird Count page.

If you’d like to participate, contact
Amy Lawes:

New – Watercraft and Nautical Equipment Cleaning Station

As part of its efforts to protect the environment and to stop the spread of invasive species, the Municipality of Val-des-Monts announced the opening of its first self-serve watercraft and nautical equipment cleaning station opened on April 22, 2022. 

Located at the municipal offices (1, route du Carrefour, Val-des-Monts), the electrically-powered station generates a high-pressure hot water spray that removes harmful species from watercraft and related equipment.  

The station will run as a pilot project for an undetermined period, and is free to use. Boating enthusiasts are encouraged to clean their watercraft and nautical equipment both before and after they head out onto lakes and rivers. Proof-of-washing vouchers will be issued, and though it won’t be compulsory to show these vouchers when using a municipal boat launch during the trial period, it is strongly recommended. 

Boat-launch attendants will continue to inspect watercraft, ensuring proper cleanliness before boats go onto the water. If boats or watercrafts aren’t considered clean enough, boat-launch users will be encouraged to visit the free cleaning station. 

To keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely at the self-serve cleaning station, directional signs have been installed, including lines on the pavement to provide more visual cues.  

The station was designed in keeping with the guiding principles of Val-des-Monts’ Environmental Policy (EU 2011-002) and with the final report on the Blanche Ouest River watershed master plan. The report’s policy directions included installing boat-cleaning stations in strategic locations and making users of public access points and other stakeholders more keenly aware of the need to prevent invasive aquatic species (IAS) from reaching our waterways.

The project received a $15,000 subsidy from Québec’s ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec; the grant stems from a special 2021-23 measure designed to protect Québec fauna and from the Plan de développement de la pêche au saumon et de la pêche sportive au Québec 2017-2022 (Québec sport and salmon fishing development plan).

To note: the station must not be used to wash roadway vehicles or other non-water equipment and items there.  

For more details, see the following links on clean-up techniques and invasive species. (Quebec Government) (Ministry of the Environment) (Sépaq)

Meeting with Municipality of Val-des-Monts (February 16, 2022)

Peter Barton and Natalie Lavigne of the MLA met virtually with the Mayor of Val-des-Monts and two councillors on Wednesday February 16, 2022 to present a brief of the initiatives undertaken by the MLA over the recent past and our goals moving forward. Topics included: Budget, Urbanization Plan, Short-term rentals (Airbnb), Water Management Master Plan, Boat wash, Private boat launches, Development & deforestation, and Policing on the water. After the presentation, the Mayor and councillors spoke of their priorities in light of our concerns and addressed the MLA priorities presented. Here is a summary of the meeting:

Municipality’s 2021 water testing results for McGregor Lake now available.

Following the adoption of the Water Master Plan on May 5, 2020, the Municipality of Val-des-Monts began monitoring water quality in May 2021. The results as they pertain to McGregor Lake have been added to the Water Quality page.

If you have some news of relevance to other McGregor Lake residents that should be featured on this page, please send the info to We’ll contact you if we need additional details. Thanks!

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