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Members are invited to renew their membership for 2021. To help support the Association’s work to slow the spread of the invasive species Eurasian Watermilfoil, the rate of membership has been increased to $50. You’ll find information on how to pay the $50 fee for your 2021 membership by visiting this link.

Not yet a member? You can simply click here to become a member. The Association counts on members’ $50 annual fee to help pay for the annual water quality testing, for the placement of some shoal makers on the lake, for the annual regatta, as well as to advocate on lake stewardship issues on behalf of residents with the municipality. The Association also helps share information on environmental, boating and septic tank regulations with residents.



The Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts has advised us that the Municipality will be pursuing a new approach to water testing going forward. To read more about it & to see results of the Association’s testing, see the Water Quality page. The Association plans to coordinate the volunteers for the Municipality’s water testing and to also continue our own, specific water testing, as required.


2021 AGM – AUGUST 14, 2021

The 2021 AGM of the McGregor Lake Association took place from 10am to noon on Saturday, August 14, 2021 in the pavilion of the Camping Lac McGregor, 19 chemin des Bourgeons.

Please visit the 2021 AGM page for the agenda & additional details on social distancing requirements.

The Association is also seeking Individuals who are interested in joining the Board. Interested individuals are invited to review the Association mandate and consider the following obligations:

  • to act for the benefit of membership in furthering the mandate
  • to actively participate in Board meetings
  • to contribute to Association and Board responsibilities through: committee membership, executive positions (treasurer, membership, water quality testing, Milfoil, etc.), representation at municipal meetings including regular council meeting monitoring or attendance, representation at Federation of Lakes meetings, organization of events such as the regatta or AGM, etc.

If you are interested in this volunteer work, please contact Mr. Bob Kerr at or present yourself at the AGM. Only active members in good standing may be nominated for the Board.



The Association has submitted a brief to the Municipality of Val-des-Monts on its draft Urban Development Plan (UDP) – you can read it here: MLA Submission on VDM’s Draft Urban Development Plan – Aug 2021.



Regrettably, once again this year we will not be hosting our Annual Regatta. Should circumstances change we will revisit this decision. We thank all of those residents who have supported and enjoyed our Regatta in years past and hope to see you again in 2022! In the meantime, you can visit our Regatta page to see photos of past regattas.



With a view to striking a balance between enjoying surf boating & being mindful of all lake residents needs and concerns, a collaborative initiative between several surf boat owners & the MLA was launched in summer 2020 to develop guidelines for surf boat owners. These guidelines were endorsed by the MLA Board in May 2021.



In summer 2019, the MLA advised members of the growing threat of Eurasian Watermilfoil. The AVB7 was commissioned to update their 2012 study of McGregor Lake to get a better picture of the progress of Eurasian Milfoil in the lake as well as to identify priority areas of concern & provide recommendations for managing this issue. The study was completed in the Fall of 2019, and the full report (in French only) along with a summary report (in English and French) are available on the Eurasian Watermilfoil page.

In 2020, the MLA held two (2) information sessions to discuss our three (3) year plan to confront the threat of Eurasian Watermilfoil in our lake. Residents in proximity to the most severely affected areas were invited to join via Zoom. The residents expressed their concerns and shared their ideas on how best to achieve our common goal of keeping McGregor Lake healthy and free of invasive species.

Challenges of critical funding and Covid19 notwithstanding, the MLA has managed to prepare anchors and buoys to be placed in the affected sites, and to move forward with our plan. Looking ahead to 2021, through various fundraising and educational activities, the main focus will be on raising increased awareness of this threat, and building a larger membership base amongst residents and users of the lake to raise much needed revenue to continue our fight against this invasive species.

We look forward to welcoming many more members and supporters of our mission to protect this beautiful natural wonder that is MGregor Lake for today and many years to come.



Some of our favourite summer visitors were back again. How many you wonder? Check out our latest Loon Survey results here. Late summer nights at McGregor Lake just wouldn’t be the same without their haunting serenade…don’t you agree?  If you’d like to participate in the annual Loon Count send an email to



On September 29, 2020, the newly elected President of the Federation Brian Davidson, sent this message 2020-09-29 Federation nouveaux administrateurs et rôles – New Board & Role announcing the newly elected Board and Role of the Federation. This new role developed from the withdrawal of funding from the Municipality of Val-des-Monts. This was explained in a message sent to members in June 2020 which stated, in part:

The Municipality has ended its memorandum of understanding with the Federation which will end on September 30, 2020. Consequently, the Federation will no longer be able to retain the services of its Consultant-Expert and will contravene its mandate as defined by its statute and its general regulations. The massive resignations within the Board of the Federation, effective on September 30, will force the Member Associations to question the future of the Federation. In the coming weeks, you will receive the 2019 Annual Report, the 2019 Financial Report, as well as an invitation for nominations to form a new council. It will be up to the new council to carry out the consultation to determine the new orientation of the Federation.

For more information on this matter, please see the following documents provided by the Federation: Letter from the Mayor – Lettre du maire 20-05-18 (available in French only),  the Réponse de la Fédération (FR) / Federation’s response (EN) as well as the Minutes of the June 9 meeting – Compte-rendu du 9 juin 2020 (available in French only).



Did you know there are about 460 forest fires in Quebec each year? Human activity is responsible for 70% of these fires. We’ve added a new widget at the bottom of the page that provides the level of risk of forest fires in the region. To stay informed of restrictions in place (such as fireworks & open fires bans, etc.), please visit the Société de la prévention des feux website (add “Val-des-Monts” in maps to get more specific updates for McGregor Lake).



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our opportunities to bring the SWAG store to you are limited, so we are offering some COVID pricing on items still in stock! Visit Our Shop for more details.




The Boat Launch will be closed from October 31, 2021 until Spring 2022. Additional details on safety precautions required when arriving at the Boat Launch are available here (FR) (EN).

The ramp typically opens in April/May (date confirmed annually by the municipality) until October 31. Once open, the ramp is open daily during the following hours:
– From 6am to 8pm (opening day until June 23)
– From 6am to 9pm (June 24 until Labour Day)
– From 7am to 7pm (Labour Day until September 30)
– From 7am to 5pm (October 1 until October 12)
– From 9am to 5pm – Saturdays & Sundays only (October 13 until October 31)
Click here for a useful bilingual Safe-Boating Guide (which includes details on the fees), and here for the regulations related to the Public-access Ramp at Pélissier beach on McGregor Lake (available in French only).

Fees for Residents and Tax payers:

– Non-motorized boats: FREE
– Motorized boats: Fee ranges from $5 to $60 for the season (based on motor power/size)

Fees for Non-Residents:

– Non-motorized boats: FREE
– Motorized boats: Fee ranges from $10 to $120 per day (based on motor power/size)



A fun annual winter tradition continues! Check out our latest Christmas Bird Count on our  Christmas Bird Count page. If you’d like to participate in future Christmas Bird counts, contact Amy Lawes:



In summer 2019, MLA  sent a formal letter to Mayor Jacques Laurin regarding the rising number of complaints from lake residents regarding boat safety issues on the lake, particularly on weekends. The MLA has reaffirmed its long-held position that the Municipality needs to step up its efforts to police the waterways on weekends and high traffic periods, as well as educate boaters, particularly those accessing rental equipment at the public ramp at Pelissier Park. You can read the letter here (Lettre à Jacques Laurin FRLetter to Jacques Laurin EN).

Boat safety issues are all of our responsibility, and we know that finding a balance so that everyone can enjoy the lake is an ongoing negotiation. We encourage boaters of all crafts to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations, as well as common conventions and etiquette. There are a number of resources available on our Boating Safety page.



Attention boaters ⚠️:  The marker buoys are usually placed in the lake in May for the summer season. They are removed in the fall. If you are out in your boat after they have been removed in the fall, before they are placed again in spring, please be cautious to avoid all known rock shoals and points of land as even in higher water you might still touch rock.



Do you like to do some fishing? Did you know there are some rules governing sports fishing? Depending on the species, there may be date and catch limits, which may also include a length limit. Luckily, the Quebec government has a useful search tool to help you know what those are. You can click here and select zone 10 for McGregor Lake. Also, you’ll most likely require a permit. Visit this link for more information on permits. You’ll also find here locations in Val-des-Monts where you can purchase your permit.  Send us some pics of your best catches and we’ll post them on the site!



The Municipality of Val-des-Monts has issued this bilingual Communiqué – Press release on July 13, 2018 concerning the environmental management of our waste.  Since May 1, 2018 (with a two month transition period), home composting has become mandatory and garbage is now collected every two weeks, alternating with recyclables, throughout the year.

Here’s a summary of the information contained in the press release: Acceptable containers must have a maximum capacity of 360 liters, be rectangular, have wheels, not be ‘blue’ in color, and have the ability/handles etc. to be used by automated system. You can purchase it at home hardware stores or from the municipality for 80$ (tax and delivery included). Only one container is allowed per home. This is to help meet environmental targets set by the Government of Québec.

In addition, one week per month, the municipality will be collecting bulky waste. For more information, including dates, you can click this link (available in French only).



Did you know that compostables account for 35-40% of our waste? Composting is a natural method to transform our kitchen and garden organic waste into rich fertile compost that can then be used to provide essential nutrients to our flower beds, gardens, vegetable gardens, indoor plants, etc. The Municipality of Val-des-Monts has distributed some 5,600 domestic compostors to residents. This includes a compost bin, the kitchen pan, the aerator and the door for the compost bin. A small guide is also included. For more information, as well as a video explaining home composting, please visit this link  (available in French only at this time).



At the top of the home page, you’ll see a tab for ‘By-Laws‘. Anytime you have a question on By-Laws, you can click on it and you’ll get not only a link to all the Municipality of Val-des-Monts By-Laws but also a listing of key By-Laws and Permits for McGregor Lake residents. Please note that the vast majority of these documents are only available in French (per the Val-des-Monts Municipality website).



A reminder that you can post lost and found items (such as docks!), as well as other articles of interest for McGregor Lake residents on our Faceboook page by clicking here. If you aren’t a member of our Facebook page, please send us a request via the Facebook group page.



As the main Facebook McGregor Lake Association page should not be used for any commercial purposes, a separate Facebook group has been set up where you can post products or services to buy, sell or trade with others, on or near the lake: McGregor Lake Buy & Sell Group. This is a closed group. To view items, or to post an item, you must have a Facebook account and send a request to join the group. This is a great way to save folks a long drive to buy something that someone may not need anymore… and hopefully help the environment at the same time.



Have some great photos of the lake? You can send your high resolution photos to Please note that by sending these photos, you agree that these may be shared on the public McGregor Lake Association Website. Your name will be attributed to your photo (initial of first name, full last name). You can also submit them to the Facebook group page by clicking here (Note: You must have Facebook account and be a member of the McGregor Lake Association Facebook group to post on this page).

If you have some news of relevance to other McGregor Lake residents that should be featured on this page, please send the info to our email account. We’ll contact you if we need additional details. Thanks!

Updated October 20, 2021

Aerial Photo of McGregor Lake (main page) by: François Badaan (2021)