The Association du Lac McGregor Lake Association was established in 1946 with the primary mandate to act on behalf of the residents of McGregor Lake, in Val-des-Monts, Quebec. We are active on various issues of importance to lake residents, such as water quality and the environment; we organize public events such as the Annual Regatta; we share information on environmental and boating regulations, and we lobby the Municipality of Val-des-Monts on issues of importance to lake residents, including the public access ramp at Pélissier beach. The list of current Board Directors is found below. If you would like to volunteer with the Lake Association, including helping with events such as the Annual Regatta or the annual Water Quality sample collection, please contact Please click here for more information on the Lake Association, including a copy of the Annual General Meeting minutes.

Board Members – McGregor Lake Association (2018)

Peter Barton (President)

Deborah Morrison (Treasurer)

Bob Kerr (Past President) 

Marie-Josée Lafleur (Secretary & Communications Coordinator)

Mary Carman (Membership Co-Coordinator)

Jennifer Garland (Membership Co-Coordinator)      

Bob Lafleur (MLA Representative at Federal of Lakes of Val-des-Monts)

Elizabeth Logue (Water Quality Testing Coordinator)

Gary Anka

Miranda Baniulus

Sue Featherstone

Deena Ryan

Lindsey Smith

Hélène Valin

(new) Ed Kaye (to be confirmed at June 2019 AGM)




Paul White coordinates the placement of shoal markers on McGregor Lake on behalf of the Association.

David Younger coordinates the loon count activities on behalf of the Association.

Marie-Josée Lafleur is also the Webmaster on behalf of the Association (can be reached at

Ryan Smith is the Website Technical Advisor on behalf of the Association.